Mr. Cullen and Mrs. Mai met in Korea.

After living, working, and travelling abroad, they settled in Mrs. Mai's hometown of Miyazaki where they opened an afterschool English program for kids. A few years later, they had their very own child.

"We want our child to be able to speak English so that he can communicate with Mr. Cullen's family and later, travel around the world with ease. We also want him to learn skills that will help him succeed in the future. Most importantly, we want him to be happy, healthy, and enjoy life."

With these ideas in mind, they started Hinata International Preschool for their son and for all the children of Miyazaki.

Cullen Talbot

クレン タルボット

Mr. Cullen has over ten years of experience teaching English in Seoul, Korea, and Miyazaki, Japan. In Seoul, he ran his own English tutoring service for children of all ages. In Miyazaki, he worked at five public preschools teaching English.
Mr. Cullen is from Hawaii, USA and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009.
"Let's have fun learning English!"

Mai Talbot

舞 タルボット

Mrs. Mai lived in Seoul, Korea from 2011-2013. In class and at work, she was surrounded by native and second-language English speakers from all over the world. She is proficient in Korean and English.
She has completed the elementary school English instructor training course and the children's English teacher training course.
Mrs. Mai was born in Miyazaki and graduated from Meiji University in Tokyo.
<Business Information>
Business Name  SunnySide English Miyazaki
Representative   Talbot Mai
Address              〒880-0955
​                       Miyazaki, Miyazaki City, Sakuragaoka 24-3
Telephone             0985-62-3458
​Start Date            April 1, 2019
<Establishment Information>
Name                     Hinata International Preschool
Address                 〒880-0955 
                                  Miyazaki, Miyazaki City, Sakuragaoka 24-3
Telephone             0985-62-3458
Email                         hinata.international@gmail.com
<Building Information>
Construction Wood, single-story
Nursery room・Kitchen/Office・Library・Children's restroom・Adult's restroom・Children's shower
Area Floor Space: 92.5㎡